Artemia Arrive!

A quick CervenyLab update:
After what seemed like a fiasco of artemia cyst decapsulation, with lots of bleach and sodium hydroxide and sodium thiosulfate and saturated salt water, and copious amounts of water on the floor…and a leak into the office below the fish room, we successfully hatched artemia naupli yesterday!

If you’ve ever had a little aquarium of sea monkeies, then you’ve hatched artemia. So if little kids can do it, why did it seem so difficult for us? Well, in the lab we have to make sure that the brine shrimp that we feed our fish don’t spread diseases. We also want them to at just the right life stage to provide the maximum nutritional value to the fish. Brine shrimp are pretty amazing in their own right, and you can learn more about them and their life cycle, from this primer.

swimming to catch a meal

In the end, thanks to the hard work of two student helpers, Jack Craig and Amanuel Tafessu, our family of zebrafish are happy, healthy, and eating their fill of artemia (plus a balanced diet of dry food).

The next post will actually be about science in the lab, but for now, here’s a photo of Zfish enjoying their first taste of CervenyLab brineshrimp.


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