Monthly Archives: October 2012

We have EMBRYOS!

I had planned to show off my dissecting microscopes attached to their brand new transmitted light bases in this post, but I have something even better. The first embryos from our facility were born this Thursday morning! Now that the water quality seems to have stabilized with ammonia levels back to zero, I’m hopeful that […]

Science Savvy Oct 26th, 2012

Back from Fall Break! This week’s science savvy examines relationships and cell genealogies. Today, it’s easier than ever to learn about our genealogy. For a mere $300, 23 and me provides information about the likely birthplaces of our ancestors. Articles in science journals and the popular press tout our Neanderthal ancestry. And recently, an article […]

Detection of proliferation in the retina!

Data! We have data! As promised, here’s some science from our lab…it’s real data from the very first bench work in the CervenyLab. Below is a comparison of wild-type (sib) and mutant (egh) eyes. We wanted to label cells that are proliferating (in the process of making copies of themselves), so we injected the embryos […]

Science Savvy October 5th, 2012

Who knew that metaphors for biology could include the likes of The Odessy, babybel cheese AND Angelina Jolie’s lips? Check out the latest Science Savvy, entitled “Brain Origami” and gain a (new) perspective on the processes that generate eyes. Navigate to The Quest, or you directly to the article. And for those who wanted to […]