Detection of proliferation in the retina!

Data! We have data!

As promised, here’s some science from our lab…it’s real data from the very first bench work in the CervenyLab. Below is a comparison of wild-type (sib) and mutant (egh) eyes. We wanted to label cells that are proliferating (in the process of making copies of themselves), so we injected the embryos with a chemical (called BrdU) that labels proliferating cells when they were 52 hours old, and then fixed them in formaldehyde 3 hours later. The white blobs in the images below are proliferating cells, located in the ciliary marginal zone (CMZ), which is a retinal stem cell niche.

The differences might be subtle, but now that we know BrdU staining protocol works in the CervenyLab, we’ll counterstain with a chemical to  highlight all of the nuclei in the retina so we can 1) accurately count the number of proliferating cells and 2) figure out whether the proportion of proliferating cells  differs between the mutant and its sibling.

What differences do you see between when you compare these two samples? We have lots of these images…want to help us count?



  1. MATLAB and/or ImageJ can help you count!

    1. The cell counter plugin in ImageJ is my go to for counting cells in sections and wholemounts. Haven’t used MATLAB before.

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