We have EMBRYOS!

I had planned to show off my dissecting microscopes attached to their brand new transmitted light bases in this post, but I have something even better. The first embryos from our facility were born this Thursday morning! Now that the water quality seems to have stabilized with ammonia levels back to zero, I’m hopeful that the fish will become productive and less stressed, and give us lots of embryos for teaching, learning, and experimenting.

Here’re a few snapshots (surprisingly easy to capture with the Astro IIDC software I inherited, thank you Steve Black). Hope you share our excitement and wonder at these little ones! It’s so easy for me to get distracted from everything else and just watch these collections of cells and tissues develop.

First Zebrafish Embryos in the CervenyLab: My favorite image is the right-most panel showing frontal (bottom left) and lateral (upper right) views. Although the two side “leaves” of the clover shape in the frontal view might not look much like eyes, they certainly illustrate that eyes are simpe outpocketings of the brain.


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  1. ncerveny@verizon.net · · Reply

    Yipee!!! How did you catch them? They are beautiful!  

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