Science Savvy Double Whammy

This week we have not one, but two, Science Savvys for your enjoyment!

Curious about how a common candy can help explain nervous system organization? Our recent Skype conversation with Rachel Wong taught us a lot, including how M&Ms are a great teaching tool. Instead of the usual student standing in front of the class pointing to projections of the  figures, a life-sized version of a developmental neurobiologist graced the screen this past week. Check out this short article about one small part of our wide-ranging discussion by Terra Vleeshouwer-Neumann and Elise Dent. Stay posted for a post with some video clips from our discussion

The quest for “the one” and the need for guidance are not simply human traits. Sensory neurons are often located far from their target neurons in the brain and have to send their axons a long way to find the right synaptic partner. We close the book on a successful semester of Science Savvys with Anna Fimmel’s graphic depiction of how retinal ganglion cell axons find their partners in the superior colliculus. It’s based on our class discussion of this paper, which is based on this foundational paper.


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  1. like the explanation with the cartoon!

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