Developing chick embryo: One head, one heart, two bodies…

Twin chick embryo update:

Days 2 and 3: The embryos appear to share a single heart, albeit larger than normal. And the heart beats! Hope you enjoy these images! The image below is from day 2.Image

This next image is from day 3. Heart is still beating, blood islands are forming, but fewer than expected. The biggest difference is that the embryo has finally turned from its back to its side…a process that was delayed in this embryo; probably because it didn’t “know” which direction to turn…it chose one and we’re now looking at a lateral view.Image

We’re curious about how long this embryo will survive and whether the body and tail on the left-hand side will regress and/or die. Stay tuned. If we’re not too busy doing research and taking images of zebrafish eyes, we’ll update this feed soon.


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