Chimeric frogs and fishes

Here is a sample of some recent results from manipulating frog and fish embryos in our Developmental Biology class. Students are honing their fine motor skills and their understanding of embryo development, moving tissues and cells from one embryo to another.

2013-10-10 15.04.42

One of the more striking organizer grafts — an embryo with an extra tail! Thanks to Ari, Gus, and Jacob for sharing their image.

A confocal slice of a zebrafish eye resulting from a transplant of mutant cells (cyan) into a wild-type embryo. All the nuclei of the eye are visible because they are stained with cytox orange, a DNA dye (pink). Image capture during a Nikon A1 confocal microscope demo at Reed College.


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  1. Always good to see what’s going on in your lab.

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