Cerveny Lab at the Murdock College Science Research Conference

Imaris Snapshot

Lateral view of expression of GFP driven by the promoter of a neurogenic gene, atoh7, in the retina of a 40 hour old zebrafish embryo. Flattened projection of 60 1 µm z-slices from Wilson Horner.

The Cerveny Lab represented Reed College at the annual Murdock College Science Research Conference on Novemember 14-15. Three students – Wilson (Will) Horner, McKenzie Givens and Alison Bryant – presented the results of their summer research. We engaged in great scientific discourse with 34 oral presentations and 221 poster presentations from students at 31 institutions within the Pacific Northwest. At the end of the conference, awards were given for best oral presentations. We’re proud to announce that Will earned the best life sciences presentation prize for his talk about his summer research and thesis work in Kara’s lab on how retinoic acid influences retinal growth and neurogenesis in the zebrafish retina. Kudos to Will and the Cerveny Lab! Now if we can just get the paper finished and published…


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  1. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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