Image Contest Winner 2017

We had four groups of Developmental Biology students enter the image contest this year. And one winner…image contest composite

After over 100 members of the Reed community voted, A, was chosen as the winner. This dorsal view of a larval zebrafish brain garnered over 50% of the votes. This beautiful image provides data for our study investigating the effect of retinal input on growth and development of the optic tectum. Cam Roberts and Jethary Rader, subjected brains from 9-day old zebrafish larvae to in situ hybridization for a neural stem cell marker, sox 2 (pink),  and then stained with DAPI (blue) to mark all nuclei. Dorsal view of maximum intensity projection of a 120 µm thick z-stack of a wild-type brain. Anterior, left.

And here it is in it’s full-size glory.



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