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and research is happening with grant funding (yay!) It’s summertime… in the Cerveny Lab we’re making discoveries with zebrafish!


Elation, excitement, relief, pride. Work that was begun more than 5 years ago has finally seen the light of day! We still have many questions, but our current insights into how two extrinsic signals – Gdf6a and the retinoic acid (RA) – influence the transition from proliferation to differentiation in the vertebrate eye is now published in Development. […]

Cerveny Lab at the Murdock College Science Research Conference

The Cerveny Lab represented Reed College at the annual Murdock College Science Research Conference on Novemember 14-15. Three students – Wilson (Will) Horner, McKenzie Givens and Alison Bryant – presented the results of their summer research. We engaged in great scientific discourse with 34 oral presentations and 221 poster presentations from students at 31 institutions […]

That’s biology…

The best part of being a biologist is working with living organisms. And the worst part of being a biologist is working with living organisms, especially when you want them to reproduce on a particular schedule. While teaching about induction of germ layers and the symmetry breaking events associated with axis formation and gastrulation, I […]

Happy New Year!

The Cerveny Lab ended 2012 with a lot of excitement! We enjoyed our first (and hopefully annual) Chilli dinner at Kara’s house, welcomed Dayna Lamb as our research assistant/lab manager and zebrafish wrangler extraordinaire, and got (hopefully publishable) data from a microscope demo. The other big news for the end of the year was the […]

BCMB News Profiles Kara’s Career Path

Tom Schaffer, reporter for BCMB News, a monthly publication by grad students in the Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology program at Johns Hopkins honored Kara by writing a piece about the ins and outs of her career path. Due to busy schedules and differences in  timezone, the interview was conducted by email, and Tom did […]

We have EMBRYOS!

I had planned to show off my dissecting microscopes attached to their brand new transmitted light bases in this post, but I have something even better. The first embryos from our facility were born this Thursday morning! Now that the water quality seems to have stabilized with ammonia levels back to zero, I’m hopeful that […]