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At the MBL zebrafish course!

Looking forward to the upcoming 20th anniversary symposium to showcase our lab’s work from this summer! Advertisements

Winning Dev Bio Image 2016!

With an impressive crop of photos from¬†which to choose a “winner”,¬†votes were distributed among nearly all of the entries, and all students are to be congratulated for capturing beautiful photos of their data. The top prize goes to Avery Van Duzer and Evan Welch, who worked as a team to perform cell transplants, cryosection and […]

And the winners were…

Our Developmental Biology Image Contest was an absolute success with nearly 300 people voting for their favorite image. To remind you what the images were, here’s a recap of the entries. And the winners were…H for the staining patterns of the developing jaws and E for a typical example of a wild-type ~1 day old […]

Dive Into Development with this semester’s Dev Bio Image Contest!

This year the students in Developmental Biology at Reed College have outdone themselves! We have 9 fantastic entries. Please let us know which one is your favorite by clicking here to vote for your favorite image. You’ll help the lucky recipient win a prize! All of these images are the result of student research in […]

That’s biology…

The best part of being a biologist is working with living organisms. And the worst part of being a biologist is working with living organisms, especially when you want them to reproduce on a particular schedule. While teaching about induction of germ layers and the symmetry breaking events associated with axis formation and gastrulation, I […]

Eyes, Eyes, and more Eyes!

Developmental biology is all about context. It studies when, where, and to what extent are genes expressed in a developing organism. Molecular biology is all manipulation. It uses molecular scissors and glue to cut and paste pieces of genetic information to uncover a gene’s function. This fly is the classic example of how developmental biology […]

Pair-rule genes!

How I love teaching about body plan development and the genetic basis of developmental biology! Fly embryos are really amazing little things (if only I could have gotten past my innate repulsion toward fruit flies, I would have been a fruit fly developmental biologist in a heartbeat…thank goodness for zebrafish). Last week in lab, my […]