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Rod vs. Cone Regeneration in the Teleost Retina

By Ingrid Tower It’s 4am and you’ve gotta pee. You sit up on your bed and and search for the outlet to insert your lamp plug, because you still haven’t fixed the on/off switch. Can’t find it. Great. You must now fumble through the dark to find your way to your oh-so-far-off door.  Relax. Take […]

Science Savvy November 2nd 2012

If the 18th century English poet and clergyman John Newton were alive today, he would likely be shocked to hear his words “I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see”, associated with a column about the advances of science. Whereas he was using the words of Amazing Grace to […]

Our First Science Savvy

The first full-length Science Savvy Column is out in this Friday’s Quest! If you want to read the full paper that is discussed, you can download it here. You can also read the first summary of this paper that I wrote while still a post-doc by clicking this link. Hope you enjoy the column. If […]