Winning Dev Bio Image 2016!

With an impressive crop of photos from which to choose a “winner”, votes were distributed among nearly all of the entries, and all students are to be congratulated for capturing beautiful photos of their data. The top prize goes to Avery Van Duzer and Evan Welch, who worked as a team to perform cell transplants, cryosection and then immunostain zebrafish retina (and brain) tissue. Their image, entitled “Wow!”, depicts one of their donor fish they generated (by injecting GFP mRNA). Although only the red and green image (left) was submitted, Evan asked if we could also include the blue and green image as a comparison for color-blind folks (like him).


Two differentially colorized images of a frontal cross section of a 3 day old zebrafish embryo that had been stained with antibodies for GFP (green) and beta-catenin (red or blue). 



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